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🎅(Early Christmas Sale)-2 in 1 Push Bubble Sensory Toys


  • Products Description:The fidget spinner cube comes in 4 colors:cyan, yellow, khaki, grayish pink,beautiful shell packaging,dimensions of each side is 2.4in and an additional 4 lanyards,easy to carry.
  • Unique Appearance Design:The push bubble fidget cube is made of organic silicone and ABS high-quality plastic.Surrounded by 4 rotating press bubbles with curved edges to fully ensure safety.
  • Multi-function Gameplay:It is not only a new fidget spinner that can be rotated,it can also be used as a new fidget toy that can be pushed bubble.It can be rotated 360°, and bubble can be pressed and rotated 360°, lets you release pressure by rotating and pressing.
  • Sound Maker:When you rotate the fidget cube or press the bubble,it all makes a pleasant sound.These fidgets are a perfect choice if you are bored or stressful.Moreover, it's ideal for ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorder and autism sufferers.
  • Novelty Gifts:The fidget cube Spinner is a perfect gift for children,it's suitable for all kinds of holiday gifts,kids party bag fillers, kids party supplies, Christmas gifts, wonderful incentives,classroom prizes,etc.