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🎅(Early Christmas Sale)-4 Pack-Reversible Octopus toy Keyring


  • SAY GOODBYE TO BOREDOM, STRESS and ANXIETY. POP IT NOW! Our reversible octopus pop it fidget toy relieves stress and anxiety by simply pressing the bubble down and pop it! Just push the bubbles down and they will make a slight popping sound. Turn it over inside our to see a different colors and start again. Our pop it octopus has various moods and colorful dye. Just pop it! It comes in 4 PACK, in 3 to 4 different random colors. Size of Each about 3.5” Dia x 1.5” High
  • DO YOU LOVE POPPING THE BUBBLE WRAP RIGHT OF THE BOX OF A PACKAGE? Then you will love this flip octopus pop it. This flippy octopus pop it is made of high-quality environmentally friendly silicone material, durable, non-toxic, endlessly reusable and washable. As a stress toy, the fidget popper can decrease a child's anxiety and distract them from behaviors like nail-biting.
  • SATISFY CURIOSITY AND DEVELOPING INTELLIGENCE - These cute octopus flip pop it stress relief toys are little octopus that you can pop for fun or it can act as a stress reliever. They also have keychains attached for “on the go”, being perfect to carry it around and play anytime. Each bubble popping sensory toy is made of high quality silicone for easy cleaning by simply flipping them, you can change the color. Double-sided two-color design, super soft and easy to flip.
  • WITH KEYRING TO ADD MORE FUNCTIONS. Use the keychain to hold keys, as a decoration, or to attach it to a backpack, purse, handbag, pocketbook or put in a pocket to play anywhere anytime. You can play with it while thinking, you can relax your mind and fingers, just press it and it will make a POP sound. Popping fidget can be played in a car, plane, restaurant, school, office as a decompression toy. This bubble pop fidget toy is great for stress relief and for special education school supplies
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR YOUR FRIENDS - The fidget pop octopus toy meets the needs of everyone! These beautifully designed octopus toys are designed with cute octopus expression patterns and bright colors, and are a unique gift for ADHD children and adults. Also, they have a waterproof function and can be used as a bath toy to make children fall in love with bathing. Bright colors and pleasant sounds are sure to please any child!