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Baby Head Protector


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Safety baby helmet offers most ideal protection when toddlers learn to sit, walk, crawl or play. The head cushion can effectively protect the baby during the collision and the friction caused by the bump and fall. The bumper bonnet does provide shock absorption, impact resistance, and cushioning effect, preventing or reducing injuries


Helmet for toddlers running infant helmet for crawling walking protective cap is adjustable, and baby helmet for crawling walking suits for babies aged 8-48 months with and head circumference 47.7-


Weighing just 75 g with a thickness of an inch, baby helmet protective caps are lightweight, sweat-absorbent, breathable, and soft to protect little babies. Made of high-grade cotton material, the fill-in layer is a high-density and elastic sponge free from smell. Soft, super lightweight, and sweat-absorbent, the padded design provides a comfortable & breathable fit. 


Keeping clean is important to toddlers. This baby helmet is washable with water and there will not be any deforming after repeated wash.


1) You can rest assured knowing your toddler can't hurt himself while wearing a baby helmet.

2) Baby helmet takes the impact of falling and bumping to negate any possible injuries no matter how crazy the kids get.

3) Baby helmet is soft, light, and breathable. It adjusts perfectly so your toddler won't even notice it,

a) Fits from 17.5" to 22.5" In circumference, is Suitable for babies from 6 months to 6 Years old, and offers maximum safety for your baby of any age.

5) It's very important to keep the hat clean. This baby helmet is washable with water and it won't deform after repeated wash.