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Barber Stylists Hair Cutting Apron


  • Our Barber cape is umbrella design that makes it perfect for catching stray hair during a haircut. Keep your clothes and floor clean.

  • The barber cape with neck closure is adjustable for different sizes. Fit for all your family members.

  • In traditional capes, you will feel restricted and suffocated. Our umbrella capes are a relief. The cape offers you freedom of movement while keeping the wearer free of hair.
  • Easy to clean with just a wipe with a wet cloth.
  • Easy to store. Hold both ends of the cape in your hands and twist them in opposite directions like making the 8 figure. The cape will fold in a smaller circle.

    Colors: Grey
    Diameter Size: 60cm
    Material: Waterproof Nylon Cloth
    Scope: Family Barber, Barber
    Packing:1pcs*Hair Cutting Cloak Cape ,folded size is About 30cm*30cm*1cm