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EASY GARDEN-Auger Spiral Drill Bit


Save time and eliminate exhausting work  ! Plant bulbs, bedding plants and seedlings and an array of different tasks with ease! Goes through any type of soil (verified by customers all round the world), yes even clay and rocky soil.

  • strong and sturdy

    Auger drill bit is made of high quality fortified alloy steel with glossy black painted finish, it won't be broken or bended.

  • Various Application

    Our garden spiral hole drill is the best choice for you. Increase efficiency for planting potted plants, vegetables, flowers, bulbs, shrubs and bare root trees, mixing seed, tilling soil or planter boxes, soil, fertilizer, paint, or batches of mortar mix for hardscapes; Effortless dig post holes. You can bring drill bit to make a ice hole to fishing or drill a hole anchor your beach umbrella.

  • Plant More In Short Time

    This gardening drill can dig 3.5inch diameter holes, makes hundreds of holes within few minutes, it will save your time and back.

  • Easy To Use

    Non-slip hex drive to fit any 3/8" or larger drill. For the cordless drills a minimum 14V is recommended.