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Kitchen Washcloths for Dishes


DISH RAGS FOR KITCHEN CLEANING : One side is microfiber and the other side is mesh. The microfiber side works well at getting finger spots off the stainless steel appliances and the glass front of fridge or stove, microwave; the scrubby side is good for cleaning stuck on food without having to grab your scraper and does not scratch delicate surfaces either
ABSORB LIQUID QUICKLY WASHCLOTH FOR KITCHEN: These dish cloths are super absorbent, dry quickly, and any stains or grime from wiping counters washes right out with warm sopy water. Works well for buffing hard water spots from wet dishes

SOFT & DURABLE MICRO FIBER DISH CLOTHS: They are made with a select 80/20 blend of microfiber for exceptional softness and durability. Soft enough to wipe stainless steel appliances, clean dishes, countertop and stovetop completely, rinse out well, and dry quickly
VERSATILE DISH TOWELS: You can pretty much use them on anything in the kitchen - stove, microwave, granite countertops, sink, and even the dining room table, especially for heavy duty kitchen cleaning
EASY CARE: 12inchx12inch set of 9 cleaning cloths. Hand or machine wash in warm water (under 40℃) separately from other items. DO NOT use fabric softener. DO NOT bleach. DO NOT iron. ALWAYS keep dry after use