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Multifunction Foldable Car Roof Rack Step


For some people who like to travel or go out, how to place large or long items that cannot be placed in the car is always a problem. The car roof sounds like a good place, but it is not easy to get there, so you need this multi-functional foldable car roof rack step.

⚡️ Now,Stop struggling to reach the top of your car. Don’t step on your clean car seats.

⚡️ Instead,instantly reach the top of your car with our Car Roof Rack Step.  it can hold up to 500 lbs.

Main Feature

  • Practical and useful
    Easliy load bikes,kayaks,canoes,roof boxes,and and even clean the car roof. Practical and useful.

  • Firm and fixed
    As humans, anyone is afraid of falling when stepping on suspended objects. However, our multifunctional foldable car roof rack pedals are designed to support 400 pounds/180 Kg, fit all sizes of feet, and are compatible with any car, SUV, truck, van, crossover, etc.

  • Portable,convenient and foldable The size is 15 * 7.5 cm, which can be folded to 90 degrees, so that you can drive the car as you like, and it is convenient to carry. In an emergency, you can use it to break the window of survival.   


Special Design

  • Safety Hammer Design
    This door step can be folded up and used as an escape tool, providing you with a powerful tool for survival in an emergency.

  • High Quality Soft Rubber Design
    Frosted surface provides solid and secure support for you standing on car doorstep folding ladder. With environmental protection soft rubber, make sure to tape it to the edge of car doorstep that touches your car to prevent paint scratching


  • High hardness aluminum alloy
Product Size
  • 18CM × 9CM × 3CM
Weight 0.33Kg
Color Black
Package Contents
  • Multifunctional Car Door Pedal × 1