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Multifunctional Contour Fetcher


Color: Orange

  • Orange

Accurate Depiction: Using contour gauge can reduce the workload of the staff, and measure the shape of the edge more accurately, quickly copy various shapes, and greatly improve work efficiency.

Adjustable Lock: The contour gauge designed an adjustable lock, which can slide in the middle, and the middle part needs to insert a pencil and fix it with a swivel buckle.

2 IN 1: The two ends of the contour gauge are different contact ends, one is the roller and the other is the pointer, which can be replaced according to the different contacts.

Premium Material: Contour gauge uses high-quality metal and ABS material, durable, wear-resistant, rust-proof, smooth and durable, compact, easy to carry, and can be placed in a tool box or tool bag.

Widely Application:Contour gauges are very useful for both measuring and cutting. Ideal for tile installation, carpet cutting, laminate laying, tool die-taking, tire tread extraction, plank tread and any job that requires contour reproduction.



Color: orange

Dimensions: 35x27x233mm

Material: ABS+Metal

Weight: 182g

Shape method: push and draw