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🎅(Early Christmas Sale)-Push Bubble Fidget Toys


  • 🎅【FIDGET TOY PLAYING】Christmas stress relieving toy, players take turns pressing any number of mice, the player who presses the last mouse loses, then flip it over and start again.
  • 🎅【ENDLESS FUN】The decompression toy is small, easy to carry, bright colors, eye catching, interesting shapes, and each bubble has a unique design that adds to the fun of the toy.
  • 🎅【STRESS RELIEF】Whether you have worries at work, stress in life. pop fidget toys each can produce a "pop" sound, when pressed can effectively help relieve anxiety and stress, restore the mood.
  • 🎅【HIGH QUALITY】The Toys are made of high quality materials and the safety of the child is something we must ensure. Even if the decompression toy is soiled, you can repeatedly rub to clean.