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Root Remover Tool


It’s a must-have gardening tool for every household!

Get the convenience that you need to uproot the weeds in your garden or backyard with the amazing Root Remover Tool!

  • Simple Operation】Once you get started, you won’t want to stop! To pull weeds, start in a standing position, dig the steel claw into the center of the weed, twist the handgrip to remove it, then pull down the top grip to release the plant. It’s as easy as that!

  • Reinforced Lightweight Material】Striking the perfect balance between usability and durability, this manual weed removing tool is built with a reinforced lightweight aluminum alloy shaft to make it easy to lift, a stainless-steel claw that won’t rust, and a reinforced foot pedal that helps you dig into tough soil to get any weed.

  • Weed the Garden, Save Your Back】Constantly bending over to pull weeds can leave your back in agony. Save time and your back with the garden weed puller, which is built with a 39-inch shaft to weed all the way down to the roots in an upright way. No more back strain, painful knees, or dirty hands!

  • Easy Use & EffectiveWeed with this stand up weeder. Just step on the pedal, twist, and pull, NO BENDING! Easy push-release on top so weeds fall with roots and won’t grow back! This weeding tool for your garden is easy prying, and removing thistles, dandelions, crabgrass, chickweed, and other common garden weeds. This weed puller is effective for removing big and centralized weeds, not fit for tiny and intensive weeds without main root. To settle that hand weeder will better.

Product Specifications:

Material: Made with tough aluminum with a plastic eject mechanism

Size: 8*36"

Weight: 540g

Color: Green