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Type M Nail Ring Pliers


Perfect plier tool for pet cage and fence fixing, ergonomic handle design for comfortable and anti-skid grip. Quickly assemble a bulk mesh to a bird or rabbit cage or even fence.

Made of high-quality material and is very durable to repair or install DIY cages.
A great tool for gardening, poultry cages,birdcages, etc.


TIGHT GRIP:Assembling or repairing a cage with this tool can guarantee a sturdy installation because of Its strong grip.

TIME-SAVING:Building a wire fence with Type M Nail Ring Pliers makes your work efficiency with the automatic nailing design, all you have to do is to clip through it.

EASY TO USE:Type M Nail Ring Pliers is easy to use. Just load the M nails and clip the tool.

WIDE APPLICATION:Repair or install Pet Cages, Gabion, Wire Mesh,Bird Cage, Plant Cages, DIY Decors,Traps, and so much more.

Materials: Galvanize Steel
Size Plier: 17.5cm x 13.2cm
Size Nail: 18mm
Color: Blue, Yellow


1x Type M Nail Ring Pliers, or
1x Box M Nail (600 PCS), or
1 Set Type M Nail Ring Pliers & M Nail (600 PCS)